Random stuff about me and friends. 

What is Wideplay Interactive?

It's mostly just me (Dhanji) and my criminal activities. I have a friend who partners me in some of these crimes. His name is Josh and he has tattoos.

What do you do?

I work on software engineering projects and open source ones. Some of which I publish thru Wideplay Interactive. I am also a member of JSR-303 (Bean Validation), JSR-314 (JavaServer Faces 2.0), JSR-311 (RESTful Web services), JSR-315 (Servlet 3.0) Java expert groups, and the umbrella Java EE 6.0 platform JSR-316 expert group.


if it's JSR-related, get on to the JSR websites (linked above) and mail the whole list. We'd love to hear from you (in theory).

If it's Warp-related, mail the warp mailing list found at the Warp Googlecode site.

The opinions expressed on this site do in fact represent those of Wideplay Interactive for what they're worth.