Warp :: Persist

From your friendly neighborhood wideplay folk.

Warp-persist is currently on version 1.0 and licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

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Wideplay's Persistence Support for any Guice application

All you need is to drop in a build of warp-persist (warp-persist-1.0.jar) into your classpath. You can use warp-persist at various levels. It is not necessary, for example, that you use it in a Servlet or Web context at all. Current we support:

It works inside a Java EE container, inside a plain Servlet environment or in a purely SE environment such as a desktop application (with obvious limitations--cant use session-per-http-request strategy outside a servlet environment for instance).

Using the Persistence Modules

Either Hibernate or JPA (with any compliant vendor implementation) is supported with a few simple configuration steps. Here are detailed guides on integrating persistence in any guice application:

Warp-persist supports simple local transactions (sometimes called RESOURCE_LOCAL transactions) and various unit-of-work semantics; both with the same declarative, annotation-based API. Switching between unit-of-work strategies is as simple as changing a configuration option.

Warp-persist also follows the Guice idioms of using simple, expressive, fluent builders for configuration and tries to remain type-safe as far as possible.

Compatibility with Servlets and Warp

Warp-persist does not have any dependency on Guice's servlet support or even our own warp-servlet. It can be used together with or separate from it entirely. The persistence module has no dependency on any other Warp modules. They can be used together or independently.

Contribute to the Warp Framework

Get involved! Email us on the Warp mailing list if you want to help, have praise or have a problem to report. Problems with Guice should be reported on the Guice user mailing list.